Acupuncture serves as a tool to regulate and balance the energy within the body through external needle insertion. The needle is an ambassador that allows the acupuncturist to deliver the knowledge and technique to benefit and care for patients. Needle technique plays a significant role in treatment and our theory and experience are the guides to optimum care. 

Acupuncture theory is founded on the Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts of meridian and acupuncture points.  The 14 meridians with its branches and points act like the nervous system by connecting the whole body from the skin to muscles, deep tissue, bones, capillaries and organs. Through the meridians, acupuncture reaches every corner of the body and connects them altogether.  Our acupuncturists at Y & Y Acupuncture and Chiropractic are highly trained, professional, and committed to each patient’s health.

Regarding acupuncture treatment for specific conditions, please click General Health, Fertility, Obstetrics or Pain for more information.


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