Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is most appreciated in helping the body gain back its normal functions without becoming dependent on herbs once the patient has recovered.  Herbal formula plays the role of a mother who protects her child in danger.  Once the danger is over the child can play free and happy again.  Chinese herbal formula treats diseases by adjusting the body’s internal environment to resist and confront external environmental changes.  An example would be like trying to remove unwanted mushrooms on a log of wood.  One could pluck the mushrooms but the environment would still be ripe for them to grow back.  To solve or cure conditions like this, Chinese herbal medicine focuses on the internal environment and condition of the body.  One can only remove mushrooms completely by changing the conditions that allow them to grow.  The practitioners at Y & Y Acupuncture and Chiropractic excel at balancing this internal environment of the body to treat diseases.

 In Traditional Chinese Medicine, practitioners use single or combination of herbs to treat different kind of ailments. A single herb prescription is often used in the diet for maintenance of health, especially in a patient who has just recovered from a previous disease.  A combination of herb formula containing 5 to 12 or more are mainly prescribed for chronic diseases and for complicated conditions to support and treat the underlying disease.  In cases like this, a stronger herbal effect is applied and needed to restore and regulate the body’s function to its normal level.

Our practitioners at Y & Y Acupuncture and Chiropractic have a profound understanding of individual herbs and how they work best in combination to treat crucial conditions.


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