Cupping Method

Cupping is especially effective for symptoms such as pain, muscle knots, swelling, and tension caused by prolonged exposure to air conditioning in the office.  It can also help stimulate detoxification, loosen phlegm in the lungs, and improve overall circulation.  Cupping can sometimes result in temporary discoloration of the skin called petechiae.  These marks are associated with improved blood flow to the area and naturally dissipate within a few days. 

Cupping method uses thick glass cups as its tool for treating diseases and is often an adjunctive technique used in acupuncture treatments. It can be thought of as a reverse massage.  Instead of applying pressure, the skin is gently drawn upwards by creating a vacuum in a cup over the affected area.  The cups stay in place for 5-15 minutes and are neither painful nor uncomfortable.  

At Y & Y Acupuncture and Chiropractic, we provide the traditional fire cupping techniques which include flash-fire cupping, slide cupping, and retaining cupping.  Flash-fire cupping is a technique involving quick repetitive motion of attaching and removing the cup and has the effect of awakening the Qi and skin.  This technique allows the practitioner to gradually affect the superficial tissues to the deep tissues.  Slide cupping is then performed by sliding the cup which energizes the meridians and muscles.  This has the added benefit of increasing blood flow and enhancing the flow of Qi.  Retaining cupping leaves the cups in place for added heat therapy and allows the vacuum effect to fully take its full course.

The above three techniques can be employed individually or in combination to treat a variety of conditions. The practitioner can manually control the strength of the cupping to adjust to the patient's needs and tolerance and to treat different areas of tissue and muscles.

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Cupping women
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